I Cut My Hair- The Pixie Life

Two days ago, I got my hair cut from medium length to a pixie cut. This is something that I have been wanting to do for almost two years, and I spent quite some time planning and researching short haircuts. I secretly admired those who could make the chop with such confidence and seemingly effortless style. That being said, I kept going back and forth about it. Everyone I talked to about it seemed a bit unsure, and some even actively discouraged me from doing it. I also worried about the attention I would get and the reactions of classmates and friends. The first hairstylist I talked to said that a longer bob would look better with my "face shape", and she moved to New York before I could schedule an appointment. I felt discouraged and unsure.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was now or never. The summer between high school and college was a perfect opportunity to change my appearance, since I wouldn't be seeing very many people and could take the time to adjust to the haircut. Also, I've been trying to challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone and face my fears as I become an adult.

 I found an excellent stylist who gave me exactly the haircut I wanted, and I came prepared with a Google Drive folder full of reference photos. I absolutely love this haircut, and I believe that it was the best decision I have made this summer. It feels liberating, empowering, satisfying to my feminist side, and much more stylish. It is much more versatile than I imagined, and I'm so excited to keep playing with it.

New Haircut! June 7, 2016

I know that when I was looking for pixie cut ideas, blogs were very helpful to me. Because of this, I am planning to make a few different posts discussing different aspects of my experiences with short hair, pros and cons, styling options, and other information that might help those who are deciding to get a pixie cut or those who are curious about what it is like to have short hair. 

So far, I have gotten a lot of support and positive reactions! I love that this haircut can be styled so many ways- edgy, classy, vintage, cutesy, etc. I wish that I hadn't waited so long before trying it! My advice to anyone who is considering shorter hair is to go for it, because life's an adventure and it's a very empowering thing to do. 

Here are a few of the reference photos which I brought to my stylist, in case anyone finds them useful. I felt inspired in particular by the actress Ginnifer Goodwin and the wonderful singer Kina Grannis. Note: I do not own the rights to any of these images.