Year 1: Spring Term Week 7

Hey all,

I'll keep this post short since I have a lot going on- it's that time of the semester! I'll just check in and record a few thoughts.

This week in Foundations of Science we have interval exams coming up in biology, physics, and chemistry. I spent most of today catching up on multivariable calculus homework so that I can spend the week focused on the science material. In physics, we're studying magnetic fields, magnetic forces, and circuit calculations. In chemistry, we're studying organic chem nomenclature and reactions. In chemistry lab, we've been doing a series of experiments with silver nanoparticles, and last week we synthesized them.

Biology is covering the basics of macromolecules: phospholipid bilayer membrane structure, protein structure, mostly repetition from AP Biology in high school but with more in-depth examples and information. In my writing course "Time", we read some articles on the history of timekeeping devices and perceptions of time in different cultural contexts. We always end up discussing random off-topic things in that class as well, which is sometimes annoying but also a nice break when the other courses are so fast-paced and focused. We have a lot of evening review sessions for the science courses on top of the regular class meetings.

My P.E. swim class is only a 7-week course, so our last lesson is next week! I'm so sad that it's ending. This week was pretty relaxed; we went to the deep side of the pool and worked on diving.

It was International Women's Day on Wednesday! There was a women's self-defense workshop that day, so I took the time to go. It was very informative and useful, and it's good to be prepared for that kind of thing when I travel on my own, just in case.

One fun thing that happened on Thursday night was that some students from a music technology "DJ" course got to show off their skills in one of the dining halls, so I took a 30-minute study break to go dance and get cupcakes from there.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty routine. I went to church and went to volunteer at the women's labor camp again. I did laundry and cleaned up a bit. It was also a Candidate Weekend, where prospective students visit the campus, so I got to meet some interesting people and answer their questions about studying here, although I didn't actually volunteer at this one like I have in the past. I'm also still applying for summer internships, so if you are reading this and know of any engineering-related opportunities I might be interested in, please send them my way :) 

Anyway, good luck to all who have midterms coming up! Thanks to friends for your support and patience-- it really makes a difference during the stressful times when deadlines are coming quickly. 

I've gotten to listen to a lot of music lately while studying, which has been nice. I made it to the piano practice room today too, so I'm pretty happy about that. Looking forward to spring break. 

What would I ever do without the floor lounge unicorn to keep me company while I study? <3

Goodnight from Saadiyat Island,