Year 2: Semester 2 Week 13

Hey all,

This week I had an excuse to dress up nicely for the campus life awards ceremony, which was followed by the annual end-of-year gala. Such a fun time at the St. Regis hotel with food and dancing, and I can't believe we're close enough to the end of the semester to be having a year-end event. A few weeks left!

I don't often take bathroom mirror selfies, but this bathroom merited an exception

Church was good this week. One of my friends from church is leaving Abu Dhabi for a new position teaching English in China, so we had a farewell dinner at her apartment afterward. It's one of the sad realities of Abu Dhabi life that most people are here only temporarily, but we enjoy while it lasts.

I also got to spend a few hours volunteering at the BotBall UAE robotics competition for high school students. One of my friends, a former BotBall participant herself, spent countless hours bringing this competition to the UAE for the first time, making history in the process! Her family hosted me when I traveled to Cairo last year. It was great to see her mom again and catch up. This competition brought teams from Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and 3 different Emirates of the UAE, so it was awesome to see the collaboration, team spirit, and motivation from younger people pursuing education in tech. Basically, the competition involves a game board full of different tasks/obstacles, and the teams get points based on how many of the tasks their robots can perform.

This week was so full of meetings and assignments, and next week is going to be the same way so I'll end the blog post here. Just gotta power through until the end of the semester! We can do it!

Best wishes from Saadiyat Island,


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