Super Easy Pixie Cut Styles


I'm a bit new to the pixie cut, but I have had so much fun playing with different styles, accessories, and outfits. I'm normally not very interested in fashion (I live in t-shirts, jeans or skirts, and not much makeup) but I wanted to share some examples of the versatility of short hair.

While it's true that I don't have the option of braids, buns, and ponytails, I was so surprised at how different my hair can look with just a few small changes.

The main styling products I use are the Beyond the Zone- Main Attraction matte fiber paste, which I use to smooth down any flyaway hairs, and the Beyond the Zone- Rock On dry shampoo, which I use to keep the hair from getting too oily. I'm not the most knowledgeable about hair, fashion, or photography, but here I'll share with you a few really easy styles that have worked for me so far.

1. The Everyday Style
Just the pixie in its natural form

2. The Flower Crown
For when you want to feel like a fairy princess. Or a hipster Coachella girl.

3. The Bangs Combed to the Side
Excellent when actually styling bangs is too much effort

5. (Similar) The Bangs Combed Back  
Excellent after swimming or if you want to feel like a French movie star.  

4. The Cutesy Hair Bow  
For when you want to feel like you're five years old again. Super adorable.

6. The Pinned Back Bangs (With Accessory)
This is very useful without an accessory when going to the gym, if your bangs are slightly overgrown, or if you want to incorporate a hair bow or flower pin. Just twist the bangs and pin into place.

Enjoy! Hopefully I will have more styles to share once I play with this a little bit more!