Year 2: Semester 2 Week 15

Hey all,
Sorry for not posting last week, life got crazy as usual and I had to prioritize schoolwork over blogging. This time of year, there aren't a lot of interesting things to write about, anyway, since we're mostly just working on projects and preparing for exams. One more week to go! It's crazy, I'm already starting to pack up some of my stuff, I have a storage locker in the basement of campus so I've been moving things there, cleaning up a bit, so that I can be ready to go and just focus on exams. Packing is becoming a pretty routine thing at this point; I guess a good thing about flying back and forth regularly is that I am forced to be pretty minimalistic in my possessions. Everything I own needs to be either stored, packed, or discarded.

Tomorrow is our Engineers for Social Impact exhibition, so we are making posters and presentation slides for that, putting together all of the data we've collected. I'm also working on an extra-credit presentation for Advanced Circuits on Fourier transforms. I also gave a presentation on adaptive music education technologies a few days ago for my Disabilities in Musical Contexts class. Studying Chinese a lot too, also trying to finish my lab assignment for Digital Logic which takes hours of coding. Fun but tiring times. It's a good bonding experience with classmates though, working until late at night and collaborating on projects.

Last Saturday I worked on filming a promotional video with the College Admissions Mentors for Africa team, and we're launching the application for students soon.

Last weekend was also the annual Latino Night, and I didn't stay for long (came for the food lol) but the decorations were great too. I'm excited for summer.

Take care!


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