End of Spring Semester/ Beginning of Summer

Hi all,
Just a quick life update: I've finished my final exams at NYUAD and am back in the U.S. for a quick visit with family and some training for my summer internship. Blog posts this summer will probably be a bit more sporadic, but I'll do my best. Because summer schedules tend to be more flexible, I like to have the freedom to share interesting things as they happen, rather than committing to post every week.

I am really excited and grateful to be working for Intel Corporation this summer, in the Application Engineering division of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. This group works with solid state drives (NAND flash memory) and develops customer-specific memory storage solutions. If all goes according to plan, I will be here for 1-2 weeks and then I will transfer to the Shanghai office. I submitted my visa documents this week and am just waiting to hear back from the consulate on the visa.

Luckily, this week is the Application Engineering Bootcamp, and the Asia-Pacific team is here for the training sessions, so I have gotten to meet some people from the Shanghai office as well. I am learning so much from the sessions. It's inspiring to be surrounded by tech industry leaders in the corporate environment. I am learning a lot about how Solid State Drives work, how to test and debug them, and all about the Intel product line of memory storage devices and their different specifications. The hardest part is that Intel employees use acronyms and abbreviations for everything, so it's like learning a secret language to figure out what anyone is saying. I spend most of my time just writing them all down so I can keep track. I am quickly accumulating Intel swag (shirts, mugs, etc.)

I arrived in the U.S. on Sunday night and am so happy to get to see family and rest for a bit. Traveling home was a whirlwind, but it went smoothly for the most part. I had two exams on my last day in Abu Dhabi, and I left for the airport about 2 hours after completing my last exam. I think I have honestly experienced more exhaustion this week than I have in my entire life... going from a stressful week of studying until 2 or 3 a.m. every night, into a day with 6 hours of exams, into packing, into around 20 total hours on planes, into a 40-hour work week at my new internship which started the day after I arrived. But I'm along for the ride and thankful that the scheduling worked out.
My summer plans in a nutshell (or just a free shirt?) We shall see

I've been spending time with friends and family in the evenings, so if you're around and want to meet up, please message me.

Temple trip with the best Dad
It's fun feeling a bit like a tourist in my hometown, going to shops and restaurants that I haven't been to in a while just for the sake of seeing them. I have plans to go whitewater rafting this weekend, which I'm very excited about.

Sacramento Pizza Co.
Anyway, I'll keep you updated if/when I get to Shanghai, and until then I'll be working hard to learn as much as I can.

Love from California,


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